Adirondack Mountains

Adirondack ezRiders

A bicycling club for fit riders over 55
in the Southern Adirondack Mountains

adirondack mountains

Adirondack ezRiders

A bicycling club for fit riders over 55 in the Southern Adirondacks

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Club Charter

The Gang

Some of the Gang, July 2010

Cue Sheets

Due to its informal nature and limited size the club has no formally assigned sweeps for rides. If the group is small the leader will take responsibility for keeping the group together. However, with a group of 15 or more this can be impractical. To address this problem there are cue sheets available for most rides. When a cue sheet is available, it is the rider's responsibility to print out and carry the sheet.

There are a number of techniques for carrying a cue sheet on your bicycle.

For Prospective New Members

The club is currently accepting new members. If the club charter matches your interests, add yourself to our list by clicking on the Membership List button above.

As a member, it is hoped that you will contribute one or more rides to our catalog. To add to the catalog, click on the Ride Catalog button above.

Adopt a Internetless Friend

If you have a friend that wants to participate, but doesn't have Internet access, you may add the person to the membership list (with no email address) as long as you are willing to keep your friend posted by phone on the latest ride information.

For women only

On some of our bike routes the only bathroom facilities may be "in the woods", which puts women in the group at a disadvantage. Fortunately, there are many devices on the market to address the situation. Here is one.

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